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Parkour is defined as moving through any given environment using efficient movement.

Our training is used by people of all lifestyles and fitness ability. It is fundamental for all sports practiced buy kids and adults.  It is also essential training for government personnel. It is great sport practiced buy people everywhere and is a great way to get in shape and loose weight in a Fun way!

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Want to train at LEAP PARKOUR ACADEMY and learn to move efficiently while getting in the best shape  of your life?

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LADIES LEAP  is a community of women of all Ages and abilities that like to practice the awesome sport of

Parkour. This sport can be intimidating so we came up with a way where girls can practice the sport comfortably.  Some of our female students feel that training in an all women's environment allows them to make mistakes in a hassle free session. Benefits are well marked.  Its a great way to get in shape and burn calories. 

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Aerial Silks


We also offer great parties for the girls when they just want to let loose and do something fun and creative.  Get Ready for a night of aerial fun!  Join us for a crazy, laugh out loud, experience you can post on all your social media outlets! This 1 hour session includes beginner friendly techniques, instructor performance, and photos. 

$45  per person

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