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 Get started with our parkour classes and learn how to move efficiently through any environment. Our program is great for any skill level and is used by athletes, police officers, military personnel and people that just want to get in shape in a different and fun way.  


women's parkour


LEAP GIRLS  is a community of women of all Ages and abilities that like to practice the awesome sport of

Parkour. This sport can be intimidating so we came up with a way where girls can practice the sport comfortably.  Some of our female students feel that training in an all women's environment allows them to make mistakes in a hassle free session. Benefits are well marked.  Its a great way to get in shape and burn calories. 



 The Urban Acrobatics Program is one of our specialized classes that focuses on perfecting the skill of performing flips in real life environments. 



 Its time to put all those techniques together and get creative! This is a great class for athletes who want to take it to the next level as they move through any given environment. This program will bring together the techniques learned in your parkour and acrobatic classes to form one incredible flow. No limits! This class takes place inside and outside of the gym and is guaranteed to bring a total body work out as it also contains our specialized LEAP fitness program. 


Urban fitness

   Do you want to get fit fast? We have the answer in compound training that involves body weight exercises used by parkour athletes to perform better and weight lifting.