Parkour Classes in Suwanee and Atlanta.

Parkour and Ninja Warrior. Parkour in Atlanta and Suwanee


LEARN PARKOUR. Get in shape. loose weight. gain confidence.

Get started with our parkour classes and learn how to move efficiently through any environment. Our program is great for any skill level and is used by athletes, police officers, military personnel and people that just want to get in shape in a different and fun way. 



Its time to put all those techniques together and get creative! This is a great class for athletes who want to take it to the next level as they move through any given environment. This program will bring together the techniques learned in your parkour and acrobatic classes to form one incredible flow. No limits! This class takes place inside and outside of the gym and is guaranteed to bring a total body work out as it also contains our specialized LEAP fitness program.


PArties only $149

  Give your child or sports team the party of a lifetime! A Parkour extravaganza complete with fun competitions, games and parkour show.   We bring the action to a whole new level with awesome real feel obstacles that you can vault or climb. 


Open Gym $20


Perfect your parkour techniques and work on your flow in our open gym. Explore your creativity as you move in our custom speed course built by a parkour athlete for parkour athletes.  

Kids are welcome but have to go through an evaluation in a regular class setting with one of our instructors to insure their safety.


get results at leap parkour gym

George Njem has been in the Kids Parkour program at  


He has competed in several challenges and is an avid Parkour 

Practitioner excelling in everything he does with a champions 

attitude. That is why he is one of our LEAP Champions for 2019.


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