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Parkour Success Stories at Leap Parkour.

We learned to climb, scale walls, jump over obstacles and most of all have a lot of fun !


Girl Power

LEAP Parkour changed my life! I want to be a stunt woman and at this academy I have found the tools to make that a reality! My name is Courtney and I LEAP!


What Age Limit?

Parkour has been my sport for years and my success story is one I could tell you about but I prefer you come and experience it for yourself. Promise you this you will get hooked. My name is David Cruz the owner of this awesome academy and I LEAP!

Get in Shape. Gain Confidence. Loose Weight.


LEAP x pro

Max Zuniga


2nd Degree Black Belt 

Tae Kwon Do

Leap Parkour Student

Olympic Hopeful

Max has been trained by highly qaulified professionals all his life and has done other sports that carry the risk of injury and he needed something more. Leap Parkour is incredibly professional at all levels...You will see the hardest working owner (David Cruz) out there that knows his stuff and has zero excuses for anything. My son loved David as a coach the first day he went and a year later he still loves David and the program he personally tailors for my sons needs. My son is in private sessions at LEAP Parkour with David to meet physical demands that are required in order to compete for National Ranking for Tae Kwon Do Olympic Qaulifications. Love the School, the disipline, the respect and the level of professional that he Delivers.

Mara Zuniga

March 2019



LEAP isnt just a parkour academy it is a family. My name is Mathew Stuart 

and I LEAP!



Best Team Building activity ever! Lots of challenging goals and fun new techniques taught by excellent coaches! We are the GSA Soccer Team and 




Our Kids had fun on this Field Trip. Can't wait to bring them next year for more Parkour Fun.  We are Dojo Rocks and We LEAP!


Getting in Shape in a Fun Way

Parkour opened up a new way to getting in shape.  It increased my energy level and was really fun. My name is Lorie and I LEAP!


Phenomenal Experience!

I don't even know where to begin with LEAP Parkour. I have been to plenty of parkour gyms and other fitness centers in Atlanta.That being said, after visiting LEAP many years ago, I havent been to another gym since. My name is Nick Glenn and I LEAP!


Love this Place!

It is a ton of fun for anyone no matter what age! The people are so friendly and helps to test your ability!



My son has been going there for several years now and he absolutely loves it! The owner keeps changing the obstacles all the time to keep it interesting and so they won't get bored. Thank you for teaching and challenging my son to do better!


Lanier Canoe & Kayak Club Team Building Event

For our annual parkour outing, coach David Cruz and his crew has us outdoors at a park for jumping, leaping, vaulting and team bonding for our high performance athletes with the Lanier Canoe & Kayak Club. This brought some differenct aspects to the indoor setting and let kids be...well, kids while getting a great workout. Still some of the same indoors activities with the outdoor venue allowing for some unique opportunities. Thank you coach David for another great outing! We will back next year!

Jim O'dell  

Canoe/Kayak/Dragon Boat Coach


Will Finn

Raiders ROTC Cadet

UNAA Champion

Parkour Practitioner

OCR Athlete

LEAP Senior Coach

Will Finn is the image of a Champion. He has trained at LEAP Parkour for several years and has excelled at several competitions involving parkour, ocr and ninja warrior. His No Quit Drive is admired by all students at the academy and has earned him a spot as one of the senior instructors under the careful supervision of owner and head coach David Cruz. This young man is both a champion and leader with his humble persona and ability to inspire his team mates on and off the field.



When I started at Leap Parkour I was an intermediate student but with the help of Coach David and my parkour family I have progressed into the more advanced stages of  the sport. Coach David has really tested my limits and without him and his gym, and his support, I probably would not be where I am today. Discovering  new techniques and manners in which to train and get better.  At this academy I have been able to meet others in the parkour community that are as passionate about the sport as I am.

and now I am a part of the LEAP TEAM a parkour performance team 

a group of select talented individuals that helps brings awareness to the sport.

Weight Loss challenge

How Old is Too OLD?

At the age of 40 I told myself that I would be strong and agile similar to Who I was when I was younger. Having the constant pressure to perform has always been an extra incentive but in 2019 I gave myself a new goal. That goal was to become a better version of who I was when I was 20. That meant lift more, be faster, more acrobatic, and more competitive. It seemed impossible at first with all the responsibilities of being the owner of a PARKOUR GYM in Atlanta. 

 In time I realized something about myself. I am at my best when I am being challenged in some way. 

This go around I chose to transform my body. That meant loosing

fat & Gaining Muscle. 


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Get Results!

George Njem has been in the Kids Parkour program at  


He has competed in several challenges and is an avid Parkour Practitioner excelling in everything he does with a champions attitude. That is why he is one of our LEAP Champions for 2019.