David Cruz Leap Parkour Owner

 David Cruz owner of LEAP PARKOUR GYM in Suwanee has 30 years of experience in Parkour, urban acrobatics and has been involved in several TV programs. He is responsible for producing many championship athletes and stunt performers  Mr Cruz also donates to various foundations such as the BCRF and St Jude Childrens Hospital. 


Kyle Thornton

Kyle heads up the sales team and has been with LEAP PARKOUR GYM for several years now. He is very knowledgeable on the sport of parkour and is consistently training to perfect his style. He is also studying to become an robotics engineer. He is very meticulous and informative. You got a question he is the man to come to!


Nick Glenn

Nick heads up our Urban Acrobatics program with ample experience and a die hard attitude this coach gets results fast. He is currently working on his stunt and modeling career aswell as working in live battle arenas such as medieval times.


Will Finn

Will  heads up the Parkour Program at Leap Parkour he is  an accomplished OCR Competitor with races such as the Spartan Race and UNAA  Ninja Warrior Competition where he went to the finals in New Mexico.  He is also is a ROTC Raider at North Gwinnett High School.  He is responsible for keeping the moral at an efficient level in his Raider Program.