We are parkour


The best part about our academy is our community.  We are focused on keeping this valuable asset an intricate part of our gym by holding activities like Lock Ins and Parkour Jams. Check Out our schedule for future events!

Event Schedule

Parkour Lock-In

Parkour All Night with Your Friends!

Saturday April 12th 


$19 per person

Parkour Tag

Speed Course

Tug a War

Nerf War

Team Building Games

Parkour Training


Much More

LEAP Pakour Jam

May 18th at 1pm

It is the event of the year where Parkour Athletes and Freerunners come from all over to test their skills on the new LEAP COURSE.  Nothing is held back! Competitors go toe to toe performing awesome parkour and acrobatic moves to wow the crowd and a chance to win some cool prizes! This parkour jam is held every year to promote the awareness of parkour in Atlanta Georgia. A portion of the proceeds go towards helping kids fight cancer.

Activities include

Parkour Demo by the LEAP TEAM

Speed Course Competition

Urban Acrobatics Face Off

Live Performance by Sarah Zuniga


Award Ceremony





Take Flight

Auto Dealer

Ice Cream

In Support of

St Judes Childrens Hospital